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    Posts Tagged : 201608

    Internaut Day: 25 Years of Public Access to the World Wide Web (by news18)

    Can you imagine a day without access to the Internet?
    The World Wide Web forms an integral part of modern existence, but it was not until August 23, 1991 that its inventor, a British scientist at CERN, Tim Berners-Lee allowed its access to the general public – the non-technical people.
    Today marks the 25th anniversary of public access to the world of endless information.

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    14 rules for data-driven, not data-deluded, marketing (by chiefmartec)

    We are now in the crossfire of a peaking hype cycle for big data and its inevitable backlash. One marketer the other night was yelling on Twitter, “Big Data People need to GET OFF MY LAWN.”
    I confess, I empathize with his frustration. Of course, I believe that data – the right data, used in the right ways – is immensely powerful in modern marketing. As I wrote in a post about pragmatic marketing, “Relying solely on gut-based, experience-driven decision-making in marketing is foolish in the digital age.”
    But I also concluded: “The sensible answer for most companies is a balance of data analytics and human judgement.”

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