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Global mobile consumer survey 2016: UK cut (by deloitte)

Smartphone penetration is approaching a peak, just nine years after the launch of the first full touchscreen smartphone.

No other personal device has had the same commercial and societal impact as the smartphone, and no other device seems likely to. However, as the base nears a plateau, relentless innovation continues at device and network levels, leading to exciting times.

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The transformative business model (by hbr)

We usually associate an industry’s transformation with the adoption of a new technology. But although new technologies are often major factors, they have never transformed an industry on their own. What does achieve such a transformation is a business model that can link a new technology to an emerging market need.

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Internaut Day: 25 Years of Public Access to the World Wide Web (by news18)

Can you imagine a day without access to the Internet?
The World Wide Web forms an integral part of modern existence, but it was not until August 23, 1991 that its inventor, a British scientist at CERN, Tim Berners-Lee allowed its access to the general public – the non-technical people.
Today marks the 25th anniversary of public access to the world of endless information.

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